My Mom Says I Wear Too Much Makeup© was created for Millenials by a Millenial as the ultimate guide to having fun. After my mother commented that sometimes I wear too much makeup, I realized it wasn’t just the cat-eyes or bright orange lipstick (no, not at the same time!) that she did not understand. It was the fact that my generation just can’t get enough and that excess may be exactly what we’re going for. Whether it applies to makeup or anything else, we are constantly seeking ways to maximize our experiences. What’s nail polish without elaborate art? Music without a mega-festival? Froyo without ten choices of flavors and twenty toppings?

We are the generation of texting, hookup apps and on-demand car service. Our celebs arrive to the red carpet without underwear or in see-through outfits. Our music asks the question, “Turn down for what?”

Some say it’s “too much.” We say, why be boring? For the generation that invented the selfie, here is a resource exclusively about us and our fabulous, over-scheduled lives. We all know that if it doesn’t have a hashtag, then it never really happened.

Tired from all the fun you’re having? Grab a caffeinated beverage or take a nap. Then get back up and do it again. You can always apologize to your mom later. #YOLO