A Stroll Down Bagel Row: First Avenue between 15th to 20th Street

There’s nothing like a good New York bagel. It’s so fresh that it doesn’t need to be toasted. Fun fact: It was commonly believed that the area’s water made the perfect bagel, but that’s a myth. It’s the technique that involves fermenting and flash boiling before baking the dough. I recently spent a few fulfilling, filling mornings comparing and contrasting the top bagel spots on First Avenue between 15th to 20th Streets. Read on at your own risk of carb-loading:
  • Tal Bagels: The most efficient. Self-service coffee. Quick bagel preparation. Not too fluffy, not too flat. Recommended – decadent lox spread with huge chunks of lox.
  • Ess-a-Bagel: The 90-inch TV of bagels. Great for sharing or pigging out. Recommended – smoked whitefish salad.
  • David’s Bagels: Fantastically fluffy. Recommended – egg and cheese.